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Time to Plan!

Who's ready to run! We will be running the Donna 1/2 Marathon on February 4th. There are only 11 weeks to go, so that means training starts next week! Week one homework is plan ahead. Remember failing to plan is planning to fail. Print out the training schedule from 1st Place Sports,

look at you schedule and figure out when you are going to run. Then stick to the plan! Be realistic when looking at your schedule, if you

need to adjust the days that's ok, but keep the weekly mileage. This is also the time to register for the race. The price is only $85 right now, it won't be like that for long! Once you sign up, it's harder to back out :) To sign up go

to the link below and register under team CrossFit St. Augustine. Let's go CrossFit St. Augustine!


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